GTG Hansa is a leading food and non-food distributor , located in Hamburg, Germany. Since 2011 we offer our customers the highest quality of world’s biggest brands, 100% original. Our product portfolio comprises a wide range of detergents, home-care products, cosmetics and hygienic article, confectionary, snacks and beverages as well as pet food. Our assortment contains more than 1.000 products. We offer our customers the best brands at the best possible prices. GTG Hansa GmbH is an international company.  Our customer’s portfolio includes companies from all over the world. Our partners are mainly:

  • Wholesalers
  • Retailers
  • Distributors

Our main goal is to provide global customers the highest quality products and services at best possible prices, simultaneously building long term business relation based on trust and understanding.

We aspire to be a leader in FMCG trade.

President: Wiktor Sawosz

Our business strategy is based on understanding and meeting the needs of the customer.

We appreciate the recognition of our business partners and their constructive criticism. That helps us to continuously improve the quality of our services.

Our development is focused on building a bridge between East and West markets.

Our main goals:

  • building business contacts with distributors and manufacturers worldwide,
  • following the market trends and offering customers the new products,
  • supplying products of the best quality,
  • developing and distributing our private label products
  • outsourcing of private labels for retailers,
  • optimizing logistic processes and cooperation in this field with our partners


Our services:

  • Attractive prices and a wide range of products
  • Sticker on each product in any language
  • Loading of vehicles and containers in various sizes
  • Professional customer service in many languages

For companies interested in expanding into the Polish market and Eastern markets e.g. Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, we offer cooperation and support of highly qualified specialists.

Together we can achieve more!

Our brands – to meet customers needs
We decided to create a lines of products under our brands –
Triumf, Voll (household cleaning products) and Di Puro (wet wipes cleaning different surfaces)

Our brands – made with passion!

Our offer has been carefully prepared, with regards to prices as well as quality, to meet our customers’ expectations.
Our products are developed on the basis of the most modern formulas and technological standard.

The quality of our products is always approved by laboratory tests carried out in accredited laboratories / institutions.
We are proud of our products as they holds the EU Ecolabel and Nordic Ecolabel certificate,

Triumf products hold the prestigious European Ecolabel certification awarded to products meeting a number of stringent requirements.

Ecolabel certification ensures respect for the environment and high efficiency products!
By buying the products with the Nordic Ecolabel sign, a consumer contributes to the protection of the environment and acts for the good of the climate!
The manufacturers of our brands are world leaders in their business, who produce the goods on the basis of the innovative production technologies and research.

We offer sharing know-how and experience, which we gained during development of our private label.

Have you ever thought about your private label?

GTG Hansa GmbH offers its services as a partner connecting retailers and manufacturers. Our team consists of well-experienced enthusiastic and dedicated employees. With all our expert knowledge we will take care of your projects and implement them according to your requirements.

We offer a partnership based on openess, trust and reliability.

For more information please visit these websites:

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We offer top safety and security. The right amount is delivered in the right place at the right time.

We deliver goods all over the world to the markets of the EU, Far East, Middle East, former Russian Republics, South America and in particular to Eastern and Central Europe.

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GTG Hansa GmbH
Jenfelder Allee 80
22045 Hamburg, Niemcy

Contact details:

Tel.: +49 40 357 01 206
Tel.: +49 40 357 01 207
Fax: +49 40 226 06 618
E-mail: contact@gtg-hansa.de

Contact form:

We will contact you in the near future. We respond within 20 hours.

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